Energy / Power Division

Engineering Activities in this sector include planning, design, construction contract development and construction contractor oversight, training and capacity building in:
Power infrastructure which may include generation ( e.g. power plants and associated civil works) Transmission (e.g. power lines, substation, etc.) or distribution (transformers,switches, meters, etc);
Pollution mitigation technologies or rehabilitation for power station system burning oil, coal, and natural gas; Power generation from alternative sources (i.e. wind, hydropower, biofuels, solar, and Biogas)
Work may also include the establishment of and/or rehabilitation of power distribution networks in the country and include capacity building.


The Energy Sector has 4 main strategic areas:

  • Facilitating private investment, technical assistance for power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure, and construction/rehabilitation of green field /brown field energy projects.
  • Increasing sustainability of the generation, transmission and distribution system.
  • Improving power sector governance.
  • Goverment to Government (G2G) support for energy infrastructure projects.


is aimed to provide support on the monitoring, inspection, milestone certification, and design review (MIMDR) of the on-going and new government-to-government (G2G) projects in the Energy sector to be implemented in collaboration with Government of Pakistan (GOP) entities like Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC).


As the offerors are encouraged to build the technical proposal and present this plan around one of the projects that are enlisted in Annex 1 (List of On-going/Completed USG Activities in Pakistan’s Energy Sector), the Contractor AAA-TCI have selected the “Mangla Dam Power Plant Rehabilitation Project. The technical approach therefore covers most of the anticipated tasks under this task order.
As specified in the RFTOP the required A&E Services involve the support for not only on-going projects but it also involves required support for new projects. The tasks to be carried out to meet the Energy program objectives for on-going projects and more specifically the selected Mangla Dam Power Plant Rehabilitation Project (MDP) will start from review of design and tender documents to monitoring and evaluation, inception and quality assurance, milestone certification and Environmental Compliances.

Project in Hand

Monitoring, Inspection, Milestoone Certification and Design Review
Client: USAID Pakistan