About us


ince our establishment in 1961, Techno-Consult International have been  engaged in the engineering  ,construction  and management of some of the largest and most technically advanced projects supervised  mainly under five areas

    • Ports and Harbors
      Specializing in engineering, construction and management of Ports, Harbors, Marine Terminals, Ship Yards, Dockyards, Ship Breaking Yards, Breakwater, Revetments and Beach Protection
    • Road and Highways
      Providing expertise in wide range of projects such as Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Subways, Rapid Transit and Transportation Services
    • Water Infrastructure
      Large scale involvement in involvement in water engineering projects providing innovative, sustainable solutions in the areas of:
    1.  Water Supply & Sanitation:
      (Urban Sewerage and water supply, Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, Water Treatment Plants and Sewerage Treatment Plants)
    2. Water resource Development
      (Irrigation system, Hydraulic structures,Dams,Reservoirs,Tunnels,Salinity Control and Land Reclamation,Agricultural Drainage,Dikes,Levees,Embankments,Ground Water Development and Irrigation, Water Resources Appraisal and Use )
    • GIS And Survey – Techno-Consult International is among the very first organization introducing advanced technologies for survey and digital mapping in this part of world and with knowledge and hands-on experience of very large projects for more than thirty five years

    Through our involvement in this wide range of engineering projects, the role of Techno-Consult International is to help meet all engineering challenges and opt for a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach towards project implementation.

    Our highly experienced team of over 200 professionals is operating in Pakistan as well as Bangladesh, Oman and Saudi Arabia is providing innovative, sustainable solutions to some of the most challenging projects in diverse sectors. Techno-Consult International team includes Specialists with high technical qualifications and considerable practical experience in preparing schemes and projects on scientific lines and implementing them to the absolute satisfaction of the Clients.

    In addition to Engineers and other specialists working on w hole-time basis, the firm has at its disposal, the services of many top qualified Planners, Economists, Financial Analysts, Social Scientists, Environmental Experts, Irrigation and Agricultural Experts, Agronomists and Geo-technical Experts.

    We are, and will remain, a dominant player in Pakistan because we are focused without distraction in the sectors we service, from water infrastructure and transportation infrastructure to marine construction engineering and housing development.

    We are proud to be the firm ,Dedicated to providing “State-of-the Art” performance on complex Engineering Projects w ith a performance record of nearly forty five years in infrastructure planning, design, construction and management services projects.