Maritime & Coastal Division


Port & Harbours are essential components of a country’s trade and transportation network. They provide an essential import/export platform for growing economy of the country. Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd has to its credit over 35 ports and harbours development projects in Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Middle East. The firm has a well qualified team of engineers, port planners and Transportation economists who help in developing a port to achieve its full potential.

Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd undertakes port development projects with certain clear objective in mind i.e. to develop facilities which require low capital investment, low maintenance costs and are flexible enough to handle future man-made or natural changes. Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd has always applied the latest technology available on Port & Harbour planning, design and execution. The company’s wide range of computer software’s enable it to examine complex issues associated with port and harbour development. The firm’s experience include Breakwater design, Wave forecasting , Sediment Transport, Mathematical and Physical Modeling, Dredging & Reclamation and Design of Harbour and Waterfront structures.


Field Investigation, Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Cargo Generation handling, classification and Transportation Studies.
Detailed engineering design

  • Breakwaters, Groynes and Sea Protection works.
  • Navigation Channels, Turning Circles, Berthing and Mooring areas.
  • Wharves, Jetties, Oil Terminals, Slipways, Repair Yards and Port Infrastructure facilities.
hydro-graphic and topographic surveys

  • Off-Shore and On-Shore Mapping
  • Bathymetry
  • Wind, Waves, Tides, Current and Coastal Hydro-dynamics
  • Littoral Transport and Coastal Geo-morphology
  • Sub-sail investigations
  • Off-shore and On-shore drilling
  • Geo-technical investigation and Laboratory works
Project Management


Master planning of ports and harbours

  • Planning of Waterfront Structures, Jetties, Slipways
  • Transit sheds and Warehouses
  • Port Housing Complexes and Infra Structure
  • Fish Harbours and Mini-ports
  • Dredging and Land Reclamation
  • Port Economics
Tender documents of work

  • Cost estimates and rate analysis
  • Technical Specifications
  • Preparation of PC-I
  • Contract evaluation
  • Bill of Quantities
On-site inspection and supervision services