Transportation Division


OUR BELIEF: A country’s economic development has a strong and positive correlation with the quality of its road network

Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd is pioneer in the planning, design, delivery and maintenance of road infrastructure in Pakistan. We started Surveys, Planning & Designing of Roads and Highways in 1961. TCI in 1962-69, planned, designed, constructed and supervised the first high speed intercity super highway in Pakistan between Karachi and Hyderabad. We maintain an indefatigable commitment to delivering excellence: in 1973, we began designing our projects on mainframe computers, and have subsequently used the most powerful software and advanced equipment.

Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd is credited with preparing a Master Plan for the development of 33,000 kms, of primary, secondary and tertiary highways throughout Pakistan. Our staff specializes in the core aspects of highway engineering. With our extensive experience and professional team, we design and manage projects from the planning and concept design stages to detailed construction design and project delivery.

Our specialization in roads and highways extends to all types of road infrastructure – from rural access roads to complex freeways, toll roads, system interchanges. Our assignments involve bridge works, tunnels and other major structures in the field of transportation; with extensive planning and design in the most difficult terrain, such as coastal roads in the southern parts of Pakistan and mountainous highways in the northern parts of Pakistan and Oman.
Our clients include World Bank, Asian Development Bank (IBRD), Overseas Economic Cooperative Fund (OECF)


field survey, investigation & data collection:

  • Data Collection.
  • Construction Material Reconnaissance Survey.
  • Topographic Survey by EDMs and G.P.S
  • Geo-technical & Soil Investigations and Laboratory Testing.
  • Traffic Counts & O.D Survey.
  • Pavement Condition Survey.
Design of highways & bridges:

  • Preparation of Digital Ground Model (DGM).
  • Design of Horizontal and Vertical Alignment.
  • Design of Pavement Structures by AASHTO and Road (TRRL) Research Methods.
  • Design of Bridges, Culverts and Causeways.
feasibility and allied studies:

  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Study and Cost Benefit Analysis, IRR.
  • Hydro-logical Studies.
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Selection of the best Corridor
preparation of tender documents:

  • ┬áItem Rate Analysis.
  • BOQ and Cost Estimates.
  • Technical Specifications.
  • General & Special Conditions of Contract.
  • Tender Documents Evaluation.
General inspection and contract management:

  • Resident Supervision.
  • Post-Project Evaluation Studies.