Maritime / Land & GIS Division


GIS. Accurate site topographical survey and mapping is the first essential step on any project. This work requires extreme care, accuracy and considerable experience in the use of latest electronic instruments and computers. TCI uses most modern and highly accurate system using digital electro-optic instruments with centimeter accuracy for the planimetric and height controls. Network control establishment of B.M. and Triangulation are carried out by EDM Total Station of 1/2 second accuracy and also with kinematic differential use of Global Positioning System. Trimble, SSI-4000 with cm accuracy tracking 12 satellites operating with complex software on L-1/L-2 P-code. This is one of the latest & highly accurate mapping system available with the consultants anywhere in the world.

TCI also utilizes in-house stereo-photogrammetry instruments i.e APY from Switzerland and Satonini from Galileo-Italy for producing accurate plans from aerial photographs using “BLUH” aero-trangulation block-bundle software from university of Hanover – Germany. With accurate setup of control points and with the help of cm accuracy 3D GPS, the speed and accuracy of field mapping work increases considerably. All plans/drawings and documents are executed through computer operated printers and large format multi-color plotters.

TCI has qualified personnel on satellite imageries and photo-interpretation services on LANDSAT.SPOT satellites photos in  Multispectoral and Panchromatic modes which can be used on several large development projects.


TCI offers GIS services

  • Hydrology-Flood Protection, Flood Damage Control.
  • Global water Input and Output estimations.
  • Land use Planning and Water-Balance of large areas.
  • Database Management.
  • Forestry.
  • Environment .
  • Agricultural Potentials.