Company Overview


  • Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd Legacy dates back five dacades with it, establishment as the pioneer engineering consultant Firm in Pakistan in 1961
  • Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd stands as one of the pioneering and leading consultants working in the Roads & Highways, Water Supply & Sanitation, Solid water management, Port & Harbours, Water Resources Development and Housing & infrastructure for more than 50 years
  • Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd has, to its credit, over 35 port and harbour development

projects in Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Middle East.

  • For Forty years Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd has been working on Water Resources Irrigation ,Flood Control and Agricultural Development
  • Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd has designed and supervised the construction of highways located in extremely difficult terrain, such as coastal roads in southern parts of Pakistan and mountainous highways in northern parts of Pakistan and Oman.
  • Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd regional experience covers Pakistan (all four Provinces), Bangladesh, Oman and Saudi Arabia.
  • To-date Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd has been closely associated with development projects of national importance in various technical fields with a cumulative estimated cost of over ten billion dollars.

Since the beginning of its establishment, Techno Consult International (Pvt) Ltd has steadily developed as the leading Engineering Firm in Pakistan. It is one of the few consultants of the sub-continent whose technical, economic appraisals and pre-investment studies and project engineering have been accepted by the International Financing and Project Development Agencies such as ADB, IBRD, IDA, and USAID.