University Road From Peoples Roundabout To Safoora Ghoth

Improvement And Reconstruction Of Main University Road From Peoples Roundabout To Malir Cantt, A Major Arterial Road Of Karachi

Name of Client:
City District Government, Karachi.

Name of associated firm:

Detailed narrative description of the project:

University Road is a major urban arterial road of the city which spans from Quaid’s Mausoleum to Malir Cantt., a terminus which is located in the outskirts of Karachi. Road passes through dense residential and commercial areas and warranted major improvements in terms of roads and drainage works. TCI was appointed by City Government to redesign roads to AASHTO standards, devise an efficient transportation corridor facilitating smooth traffic flow, provision of main and service lanes, drainage system, lighting, utility way leaves and ancillary road works



Detailed description of actual services provided by the Company:

Detailed Design & Construction Supervision involved following activities:

  • Detailed Topographic Surveys & Soil Investigations.
  • Traffic Improvement & Diversion Plan
  • Design of Storm Water Drainage structures
  • Detailed Planning & Designing of road in accordance with AASHTO standards.
  • Preparation of B.O.Q & Technical Specifications.
  • Tender Documents and Engineers Estimates.
  • Detailed Engineering Design as per AASHTO standards
  • Detailed working drawings for all components of the project
  • Preparation of PC-1•
  • Construction Supervision Services ensuring Quality Control through day to day inspection of methods, material and construction practices.