Name of Client:
National Highway Authority (NHA).

Name of associated firm:

Detailed narrative description of the project:

Keti Bunder Fish Harbour-cum-Mini Port site is located at a distance of about 90 km from Gharo Town, on Karachi – Thatta Road. Keti Bunder fishing village is located south of Gharo in Indus Delta & home to poor fishermen. Government decided to uplift socio economic conditions of area by developing a fishing port and a good standard road to allow better marketing and preserving quality of fish caught in the coastal area. Approaches to Keti Bunder coastal town in past presented great difficulties due to presence of soft ground heavily laden with soft compressible silty and clayey soils. Sections of the earthen roads were acutely affected by constant action of tides. As such an all weather road was to be designed in tidal mudflat environment which will act also as a marine structure. TCI was selected by NHA to design the road in inter-tidal areas on basis of their experience in maritime and coastal works. This road would link the proposed port & coastal villages to hinterland areas and trunk highways.



Detailed description of actual services provided by the Company: 

  • Topographic Survey, cross section, profiles & corridor mapping.
  • Field investigations, road being located in tidal area, special hydraulic investigations and tidal observations were carried out.
  • Soils and Material Investigation included consolidation test for thick saturated clay strata to determine short and long term settlements.
  • Traffic data collection and analysis.
  • Detailed geometric, pavement and structural designs to AASHTO requirements, controlled & accelerated road foundation settlement and embankment stability analysis for clay strata and to resist tidal action.
  • Preparation of drawings, BOQ, specification and tender documents.

Resident full time construction supervision of final approach section to Keti Bunder Port. Site supervisory team ensured high quality of materials and workmanship to ensure a durable & long life road in tidally active waters.