Detailed Design, PC-1, Soil Investigation, Construction & Supervision Of Ragaghan Dam, Bajaur Agency, Fata


Location within Country:
Bajaur Agency, FATA

Name of Client:
FATA-DA Peshawar

Start Date:

Completion Date:
Sept: 2011

Name of associated firm:
Electra Consultants
Easepak Consultants

Narrative Description of Project:

The proposed dam is located in Salarzai area of Bajaur Agency. A 97 ft high and 310 ft long Concrete Gravity Dam is proposed to be constructed across Babukara Khwar to store 9,313 acre ft of water in the reservoir.


Description of Actual Services Provided by the company:

Detailed Design

• Review of the available feasibility study. Carry out additional topographic survey, additional subsurface Geo-technical investigation. Carry out laboratory testing.
• Carry out detailed design of the project components including dam, spillway, intake and outlet structures, irrigation system & independent inlet / outlet structure for drinking water supply for the surrounding villages of respective dams.
• Preparation of construction drawings at suitable scales. Preparation of PC-I.

Construction Supervision

• Tendering Process / Bid Evaluation. Approval of construction schedule submitted by contractor. Laboratory Tests. Submission of Revised Construction Drawings.
• Approve the identified construction material source. Supervise the material testing in contractor’s field laboratory. Prepare and submit Monthly Progress Report to the Employer. Verification and checking of the interim and final payment to the contractor for approval of the employer. Issuance of variation order after approval of the Employer. To provide sufficient technical and supporting staff at site as per requirements.