Detailed Site Supervision Services For Reconstruction of Berths 15-17A East Wharves At Karachi Port

Detailed Site Supervision Services For Reconstruction of Berths 15-17A East Wharves At Karachi Port

Name of Client:
Karachi Port Trust

Detailed narrative description of the project:
The work consists of construction supervision/contract management services in field and office work in accordance with the highest standards of the engineering profession and the applicable standards of the Karachi Port Trust and the World Bank.

  1. a) Supervision of the demolition works of the existing Ship Repair Berths No. 1 & 2, partly NMB Wharf and Transit Shed No.16, along with all structures associated with and considered necessary.
  2. b) Supervising construction of the new quay & anchor wall, in replacement of existing quay wall / berths 15-17A and the waterfront vacated by the demolition of 1&2 No. SRBs complete in all respects, inter-alia comprising:
  • Marine civil works including continuous in situ bored piled wall
  • All required civil works on shore within the 55 meter behind the existing Quay line limits, including land reclamation, paving and foundations for piping system etc.
  • Complete utility services within the project area including fire fighting, surface drainage, sewerage disposal, electric supply, telephone and fresh water. Package type water and sewerage treatment plants will also be set up for East Wharf of Karachi Port.
  • Supervision of Environment Management Plan (EMP) implementation by the contractor and assist the EPA in enabling them to carry out the environmental monitoring program.


Detailed description of actual services provided by your Company:

  1. i) Supervision and Contract Management & administration, inspection, guidance, approval and certification of invoice submitted by contractors, and technical services connected with the project implementation in accordance with contract documents i/c Environmental and Social Aspects.
  2. ii) Design Review and vetting of the designs available with Karachi Port Trust for Berth 15-17A and taking full responsibility of the Design to be executed on Berths 15-17A. Preparation of any additional constructional details for successful execution & completion of the Project.