Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan (S-III)

Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan (S-III)
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Name of Client:
Karachi Water & Sewerage Board.

Name of associated firm:
Lead Firm TCI
M/s Atkins UK & M/s NEC Pakistan

Detailed narrative description of the project:
This mega project is led by TCI and composed of following key works:

  • Waste Water Conveyance & Treatment of 2,270,000 m3/Day (500 MGD)
  • 37 kms of RCC BOX CONDUITS size varying from 3.0mx3.0m to 1.5m x1.5m
  • Double Wall Corrugated P.E Pipes 1200mm Dia 10 Kms
  • Rising Mains 1200mm Dia MS Line 6.5 kms
  • Rehabilitation of 2 Nos. Existing Sewerage Treatment Plants

TP-I (Haroonabad-SITE) =100MGD

TP-III (Mehmoodabad) =180 MGD

  • Construction of 2 Nos. New Sewerage Treatment Plants

TP-IV (Korangi) = 160MGD

TP-VII (Mai Kolachi) = 60MGD

Project serves the entire metropolis of Karachi with 18 million populations and is heavily geared towards improving Environment of Karachi coastline with two major river outfalls. Project curbs nearly all untreated sewage & un-authorized discharges into Arabian Sea via Malir & Lyari Rivers. Planned to cater for next 25 years, the wastewater treatment capacities will be enhanced from 681 Million Liters /Day (MLD) to 2270 MLD.



Detailed description of actual services provided by the Company: 

PHASE-1    Detailed Design

  • Complete Topographic Surveys & Soil Investigation.
  • Hydraulic Analysis.
  • Design of Interceptors, Drains & Nullahs.
  • Design of Treatment Plants.
  • Preparation of cost estimates and tender documents.
  • Prequalification of Contractors.
  • Tender Adjudication & Award.


PHASE II    Construction Supervision

Resident Site Supervision exercising quality, budget & schedule control. Progress Review and Monitoring. Certification for Contractors’ Payments. Supervise commissioning of Project