Topographic Survey Khalifa Coastal Refinery Site

Topographic Survey Khalifa Coastal Refinery Site
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Name of Client:
Pak – Arab Refinery Limited

Detailed narrative description of the project:

To delineate a safe operational zone for construction of Khalifa coastal refinery site, Techno Consult International were commissioned to carryout topographic surveys by using GPS RTK methods covering an area of 1800 acres.



Detailed description of actual services provided by the Company:

In addition to conventional Total Station Surveys, Static GPS observations were made to establish a high precision GPS control point network (1:300,000 accuracy). Permanent Reference Benchmarks were constructed and assigned with coordinates. Trimble 4000SSI GPS dual frequency receivers, GPS antenna and using a radio link the survey was carried out through Rover Units & Total Station methods. The RTK data was downloaded and processed for digital ground models to obtain profiles & sections for use in engineering design.

In addition to above following activities were performed:

Field Investigation

  • Control Point Establishment
  • Static GPS Baseline Processing
  • Triangulation & Network Adjustment
  • Geoidal Modelling
  • Orthometric Height, Differential Levelling
  • Terrestrial Observation Traversing

Survey Data Mapping “Geodesy”

  • Coordinate Transformation
  • Datum transfer
  • Projection to UTM conversion
  • Scale Factor Adjustment

SAT IMAGE Processing

  • Image Processing & Banding
  • Pan & MSS data Merging
  • Mosaicking / Merging
  • Geo-referencing
  • Ortho Rectification
  • Ground Truthing

GIS Development

  • Relational Data Base Development
  • On Screen Digitization (Heads up)
  • Thematic Map Development and Analysis
  • Report & Query Generation
  • Network & Web Solution