Karachi Bulk Water Supply Project – K-III- 100 MGD

Karachi Bulk Water Supply Project – K-III- 100 MGD

Name of Client:
Karachi Water & Sewerage Board.

Detailed narrative description of the project:

100 Million Gallons/Day (450,000 m3/day) of Water to Karachi City from Kinjhar Lake source was geared towards further expansion of Karachi Bulk Water Supply System and also part of the overall master plan for Karachi. The K-III Scheme brings water through gravity and pumping system, it included the construction of Bulk Conveyance system (Construction of conduits & syphon at different location upto NEK), Pumping Stations (Dhabeji & NEK), Rising & Distribution Mains. The Whole System was divided under 19 Nos. Contracts. Project was inaugurated by President of Pakistan and declared as fully successful in conveying 100 MGD water to the Citizens of Karachi.

  • Transmission Mains: MS and PRCC Pipes of 600 mm to 2134 mm Dia, 38 Kms Length
  • Twin MS Siphons: 1800 mm dia., 15 Km length
  • Twin MS Rising Mains: 1800 mm dia. 30 Km length
  • Conduits: RCC 3m x 3.3m of 51 Kms total length
  • NEK Reservoir 4 Million Gallons
  • Forebay & Dhabeji Storage Reservoirs of 5 Million Gallons
  • Pumping Station Complexes – 2 Nos
  • Pumps * 6 Nos of 160,000 Cum./day capacity Dhabeji Pump Station

    * 6 Nos of 58,000 Cum. /day capacity NEK Pump Station

  • MS & PC Pipes 600 mm to 2100 mm dia 15 kms Length

Pipe Jacking
under Highways, Railway Track & under existing bulk water conveyance system & Non Destructive Road Crossings (NDRC).

Detailed description of actual services provided by the Company:

 TCI undertook Detailed Investigations, Project GIS, Planning, Detailed Designs, Tender Documentation, Tender Adjudication & Award, Full time Resident Construction Supervision, Testing, Commissioning, and Maintenance & Handover.

Phase- 1: Design Phase

Collection and review of K-II design, survey and sub soil investigation data for replicate work. Hydraulic analysis, design review and preparation of tender documents & tender drawings for nine group contracts worth over RS. 6 Billion.   Preparation of EPC tender documents.

Phase- 2: Construction Supervision Phase

TCI supervisory staff ensured overall contract administration & performance, exercised resident supervision to ensure Quality, Cost and Time Control at site, and undertook proactive efforts to ensure a quality satisfying completion of works. The site team performed construction control and approvals, record keeping and measurement of works for payment purposes took quality audits and enforced Quality Control Plan at site.