CPHGC 2X660MW Coal Fired Power Plant Survey

CPHGC 2X660MW Coal Fired Power Plant Survey

Techno Consult International was engaged by China Power Hub Generation Company (CPHGC) to carry out survey for the 2X660MW Coal Fired Power Plant. The Plant is located near Hub Town in Bela District, Baluchistan Province. It is about 50 km west of Karachi and can be accessed both by sea and road. The Coal Fired Power Plant was constructed northwest of HUBCO-I in 2017-2019. The Ash field is located in the south of the fuel power station and entrance gate.

Due to the proximity of the area near active seismic zone, shore and built on reclaimed/refilled land, the client (CPHGC) wants to measure vertical settlement of its assets structural and functional integrity.


The scope of work:

  • To carry out first order precise level measurements of 235 points verification, six in number bench marks in CPHGC Complex, ash yard jetty area, power plant foundation for settlement survey
  • First Order precision level having a direct reading accuracy 0.1mm or better
  • There are six Permanent Bench Marks (PBM) available at site. The surveyor needs to verify the PBM for levels and coordinates etc Annex “B"
  • Existing Independent Local Coordinate system to be verified by the surveyor for each PBM
  • The survey levels of various areas to be measured
  • The dam of the ash storage yard needs to be monitored for settlement and displacement
  • Survey team will comply with all the safety standard as per HSE requirements
      • Year Of Completion
      • Location
        Karachi Pakistan

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