Loweri Tunnel Project between Chitral and Dir, KPK Pakistan


National Highway Authority (NHA), Government of Pakistan is executing works of Lowari Tunnel situated between Chitral and Dir. TCI is responsible for the design review and supervision (joint venture).
The project is aimed at providing short, safe and easy all-weather access to Chitral, as an alternate to the existing route which is presently the only link crossing the mountainous terrain composed of hairpin bends with steep gradients which is very precarious for all vehicles particularly the heavy goods vehicles. The area of Chitral will have an all-weather link with the rest of the country with the construction of the tunnel including its North, South Access Roads and Allied Structures (Bridges, Box-Culverts, RCC/Masonry Retaining Walls, Avalanche Galleries, Embankment, Slope and Rock Fall Protection Works, Drainage and Erosion Control Works), along the length of the access roads of LTP. Eventually there will be no need for the passage over Lowari Top which remains snow bound for about 5 months every year.
The location of the Project of North Access Road Package–II of LTP starts from Baradam and ends at Ashriat; 7.330 km (km 3+520 to km 10+850.74). Its construction will open a window for enhancement of tourism to Chitral from all over the country.

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