Wadi Al-Gahawer Road

Construction Supervision for the Rehabilitation

Wadi Al-Gahawer Road

The Ministry of Transport & Communications, Directorate General of Roads & Land Transport, Sultanate of Oman has awarded TCI Oman, the supervision for rehabilitation works for Al-Gahawar. The project consists of design and construction of rehabilitation works to the existing Wadi Al-Gahawer road starting from the L.H.S service road of existing Batinah highway to Khadra’a Bani Saad R/A traveling to the South until Ahelen village. The total length of the existing road is approximately (34) km.

Wadi AL-Gahawer road is currently serving villages of Mabrah, AL-Heleen & Badat AL-Mesifiah.

The road intersects with the petrol and gas pipe lines. The expected Batinah express road intersects with the existing Wadi AL-Al Gahawer road (19) km away from the existing Batinah Highway.

    • Year Of Completion
      March 2016


    • Location
      Wadi Al-Gahawar, Oman

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