Community Buildings. Planning and Designing of Infra-Structure

TCI believes that architecture is the art and science of designing and building large structures. Large systems, whether buildings, houses or any structure require architectural services to manage their size, complexity and the interrelationship of the components that are used to build those structures.

TCI handles all aspects of architectural design related services. Services such as planning and designing residential, institutional, leisure, commercial and industrial buildings are provided by applying knowledge of design, construction procedures and by using technologically superior processes, which provides greater value for clients and enhanced design and construction.

Master Planning & Designing of Residential Colonies and Commercial Complexes including all infra-structure services such as Water Supply, Sewerage System, Roads Surface Drain, Power Supply, Gas, Communication Network and Recreation Facilities have been performed by TCI.

Specialized Buildings 
Transit Sheds
Auction Halls
Process Buildings

Administration & Office Complexes 
Clubs, Recreation and Civic Centres
Commercial Markets and Amenity Buildings
Hospitals and Medical Centres
Colleges, Schools and Specialized Educational Institutions
Power House Buildings