Public Health and Environmental Engineering

Public Health and Environmental Engineering Division is one of the important disciplines of Techno Consult International. TCI has extensive experience in the field of Water Supply, Sewerage & Environmental Engineering in Pakistan and Bangladesh. For nearly 50 years, TCI has been providing comprehensive and complete range of services in this field.

TCI was an associate consultant of Parson Corporation of USA and General Consultant on Public Health Engineering Advisory Services for Pakistan funded by USAID for eight years. The assignment had included assistance in organizational development and personnel training: evolving procedures, rules, techniques and recommending administrative and legislative changes to improve operation of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems in Pakistan.

TCI has carried out a number of studies related to Environmental Impact Assessments for different Projects and an Environmental & Energy Audit for USAID for nearly 100 units/Industrial establishments all over Pakistan on a four year project.

Major Water Supply and Sanitation Projects completed by TCI have involved services related to Bulk Water Supply Conduits, Syphons, 72”ø MS Main, 84”ø PRCC Main Pumping Stations, Reservoirs, Conveyance Systems and Water Distribution Networks.

TCI has to its credit the successful completion of the Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme (K-III). A gigantic project, implemented to enhance the supplies to Karachi mega city by 100 MGD from Kinjhar Lake Source. TCI was entrusted with the detailed design and construction supervision of the project by Karachi Water and Sewerage Board. The project was completed before time (3 months earlier) during the period 2002-06 and at a cost below the approved budget.

Bulk Water Supply Pump Station Manifold

Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan (S-III) Project worth Rs.16 Billion was one of the major projects undertaken by TCI. The project aimed at improving the health and hygiene conditions of Karachi City. The project included the collection and transmission of approx. 500 MGD of sewerage and waste water to treatment plants. The project also included rehabilitation, up gradation and enhancement of existing sewage treatment capacity from 150 MGD to 500 MGD by constructing two new sewerage treatment plants.

One of the landmark projects of TCI and which was done for the first time in Pakistan was the design & construction supervision of 3 Bulk Water Supply Schemes via a 11 km long Submarine Pipeline, for three offshore Islands of Baba Bhit, Shamspir and Manora, near Karachi Coast.

K-III Water Pipe Line

  • Data collection, review and updating existing data, reconnaissance surveys, socio-economic surveys and environmental studies for preliminary project appraisal
  • Preparation of preliminary designs for various technically & economically feasible alternatives
  • Preparation of feasibility study report for project
  • Complete project engineering comprising of detailed designs, drawings, bills of quantities, cost estimates and specifications

K-3 Project 100 MGD Conduit Construction

  • Preparation of tender documents including assisting the client in the pre-qualification of contractors, finalization and award of contracts
  • Construction supervision, management and commissioning of the project
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals and training of personnel
  • Advisory services for operation, maintenance and management of project

GIS of the water supply of Baba Bhit Island