Roads, Highways and Bridges

The ever changing needs of the environment are leading to the demand for faster and safer transportation systems. Over the last 50 years, Techno Consult International has carried out a large number of highway works in Pakistan and abroad. TCI has designed and supervised the construction of highways located in extremely difficult terrains, such as coastal roads in southern parts of Pakistan and mountainous highways in northern parts of Pakistan and Oman. A large number of these projects have been financed by international agencies such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and Overseas Economic Co-operative Fund (OECF). TCI works include Planning, Designing and Construction Supervision of the first high speed inter-city super highway in Pakistan between Karachi and Hyderabad in 1962-69.

Techno Consult International has the credit for preparing a Master Plan for the development of 33,000 km of primary, secondary and tertiary highways upto the year 2000, covering the entire area of Pakistan. Projects completed by TCI have ranged from small “Farm to Market” or “Rural” roads to major highways connecting cities as well as neighboring countries. Assignments have involved bridges work, tunnels and other major structures encountered in the field of transportation with extensive planning and designing in the most difficult terrains. TCI has to its credit designing an extremely challenging coastal road situated in a tidal basin in interior Sindh, Pakistan.

TCI started Surveying, Planning & Designing of Roads and Highways in1961. From 1973 onwards, TCI has been designing all its projects on mainframe computers/high speed CAD Workstations using “State of the Art” software. TCI possesses the latest hardware and software available to attend to all computer aided designing and drafting work on highways and related structures. All works, right from field surveys with centimeter accuracy GPS and Total Stations to computer aided designing and drafting, are being done on the latest techniques available today.

    Data Collection
    Reconnaissance Survey
    Topographic Survey by EDMs and GPS
    Geotechnical & Soil Investigations and Laboratory Testing
    Traffic Counts & O.D. Survey
    Pavement Condition Survey
    Technical and Economic Feasibility Study and Cost Benefit Analysis, IRR
    Hydrological Studies
    Environmental Impact Study
    Selection of the Best Corridor

Defence Housing Authority CITY Bridge in Karachi, Pakistan

    Preparation of Digital Ground Model (DGM)
    Design of Pavement Structures by AASHTO and Road Research Methods (TRRL)
    Design of Bridges, Culverts and Causeways

Shahrah e Karakoram Highway (KKH), NWFP Pakistan

    Item Rate Analysis
    BOQ and Cost Estimates
    Technical Specifications
    General & Special Conditions of Contract
    Tender Documents Evaluation
    Resident Supervision
    Post-Project Evaluation Studies

First Super Highway in Pakistan 1962-69