Survey Mapping and GIS

 In today’s ever-evolving world, geographic information systems (GIS) serves as the cornerstone for critical engineering decisions. Making sense of a sea of data, filtering the relevant from the unnecessary, accuracy and time are of the utmost importance at TCI.

With over four decades of experience, TCI excels in the acquisition and analysis of geographic information. From computer aided data management, digital terrain model generation, satellite imagery analysis and remote sensing techniques, TCI provides critical data for clients to make well informed decisions.

Survey Mapping and GIS Services

  • Point cloud data acquisition and processing
  • High resolution digital 3D terrain model generation
  • Airborne drone surveying–lidar and photogrammetry
  • Marine bathymetry–multibeam
  • Remote sensing/satellite imagery analysis–feature classification
  • High resolution GPS baseline network establishment
  • PPK and RTK GPS survey
  • Spatial analysis
  • Quantity take-off and alignment de-markation
  • Development of web based GIS applications