Water Resource Engineering

For almost Five Decades, TCI has been working on Water Resources, Dam & Hydropower Engineering, Irrigation, Flood Control and Agricultural Development Projects in Pakistan and also in the vast riverine areas of Bangladesh. A considerable amount of experience and knowledge has been acquired in the technique of land planning, development and economical utilization of water resources for Irrigation and Agriculture.

Extensive Flood Control and Irrigation Projects of over half-a-million acres have been completed using “State of the Art” Technology with expertise and speed in the most economical manner. Mobilization of local resources and community/user participation on projects financed through international financing agencies such as IBRD has been considered an essential requirement which has satisfactorily been addressed in such projects. Scarcity of water in arid zones require that optimum use of water by trickle-irrigation/sprinkler system be carefully employed to maximize water use.

Flood Plain Hydraulics, Water Shed Management, Flood and Perennial Irrigation Schemes, Surface and Sub-Surface Hydraulic Systems including Aquifer Recharge, Karezes, Canals, Low-Lift Irrigation, Dams and Reservoirs, Weirs and Check Dams are some of the components on which TCI possess a considerable amount of experience and expertise. Professional services can be rendered, from the initial stage of Prefeasibility and Screening Studies to Master Planning, Detailed Designing, Tender Documentation and Construction Supervision, with confidence to a high degree of technical excellence.

Pre-Investment Studies, Detailed Technical and Socio-Economic Feasibility Studies and Bankable Documents can be prepared on high acceptable international standards. Studies on Water Resources include: Agricultural Soil Classifications and Characterization, Crop Consumptive Use Analysis, Cropping Pattern Rotation, Preparation of Farm Budget and Marketing Strategies.

  • Catchment and Command Area Topography, Geo-Morphology & Sub-Surface Geology
  • Riverine Hydraulic & Current-Velocity Measurements
  • Rainfall & Runoff Studies Hydro-Meteorology
  • Flood Control Protection and Flood Plains Management
  • Command Area Development and Water-Distribution Networks

Augmentation of storage capacity of Bund Khushdil Khan (BKK) reservoir

  • Agricultural Input Optimization, Crops Studies, Water Demands, Cropping Patterns, Crop Rotation Practices, Fertilizers and Chemical Inputs
  • Agronomics
  • Agriculture Marketing Strategies
  • Infra-Structure Work-Farm to Market Roads
  • Institutional Development Work, Community Participation
  • Developing Farmers Organizations which would assist in Planning, Constructing, Maintaining, Operating, Irrigation Infrastructure and Potable Water Supply

Balochistan Water Resources Development Program (BWRDP)